20% of kids learn to play music.
70% of adults wish they had.
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Why choose Yamaha Music Education?

Yamaha - Leader in Music Education

When you choose Yamaha Music Education, you join the leader of music education. Yamaha boasts more than 690,000 students and educators, across more than 5,650 locations worldwide.

Yamaha strives to enrich the learning experience of our students, with a dedication to a curriculum of the highest standard. Established in Tokyo 1954, Yamaha Music Education continues to strive for quality and excellence in music education.

Your quality music education begins with Yamaha

Our Teachers

At Yamaha we pride ourselves on the quality and dedication of our teaching staff. All of our highly qualified teachers have successfully passed a rigorous audition and interview process, in addition to attending regular training programs to ensure that the highest quality music lessons are always being provided to the student.

You will quickly see how passionate our teachers are about music education and how much they wish to share their love and enjoyment of music with all of their students

Interactive and Engaging Music Curriculum

Yamaha Music Education programs promote student interaction within an egaging and positive learning environment.

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Yamaha promotes dynamic learning environment, where students are challenged and supported to experience a host of music and learning experiences that with the guidence of their teacher advances their music foundation and skills.

About Our Courses

Yamaha Music provides a broadbased education program for students

Students engage in a range of activities that promote a broad range of skills and experiences. The Yamaha Music method fosters a balance between intellectual and creative growth that is very important in the developmental stages of early childhood.

Our music teaching programs enhance and accelerate both musical and overall development through Yamaha's boradbased education program.

About Our Courses

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